The harmony of style and functionality are the principles of the ideal interior design we have formulated after many years of work.

The very first thing we need to do is get acquainted with you since what we are working on is actually a continuation of your inner world. Starting from a joint vision of your space, we develop it to the smallest details. FormaniDesign supervises the progress of all works – from design and architecture to the selection of materials and coordination of the construction works – so that you don’t get engulfed by the organisational issues until completion of the project.

Sometimes the history of an interior design starts from a small yet very important detail. And sometimes we create a brand-new world.




We work with well-known manufacturers of materials, furniture, light fittings and plumbing fixtures. With FormaniDesign, you will be able to not only order finished products from factory collections at the best price but also implement non-standard ideas according to individual sketches. In our projects, all work is performed by proven masters – our long-term partners from Latvia and other countries.


The ideal interior design is always interrelated with the exterior design and fits into the space even better if it has been created especially for you. FormaniDesign architects will use a holistic approach to your entire project, i.e. from the idea and approvals to the high-quality construction works and on-site designer supervision. FormaniDesign also provides a warranty for its construction works and repairs.


Use of natural materials, respect for traditions and implementation of fresh, unorthodox solutions lie at the heart of our approach. The vision of each interior design is always the result of a collaborative effort put forth by us and the customer. We find key solutions by going through all stages, i.e. from outlining ideas on the mood board to the space created. You will not find any random objects in any interiors designed by us; each object is a meaningful part of the entire design that has its intended function.


Whether it is a unique panel picture, a collectible sculpture or simply a vintage item from an antique shop, these are the objects that give a character to your space. The mastery of the designer lies in the ability to select and arrange these objects so that to turn the interior into a work of art you would want to live in. You can make your interior truly unique because we work with the best object design specialists who produce limited collections of furniture and decorations as well as installations and art objects according to our sketches.


Our leading experts have 10 years of experience in interior design and have been working in construction for more than 15 years. The representatives of FormaniDesign visit international exhibitions and supplier factories in Italy, France, Nordic Countries, Germany and other countries on a yearly basis. The team members also regularly improve their skills during master classes and presentations of new collections.
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